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10,000 "No" s with Matthew Del Negro

Jan 19, 2018

To most other Actors, Eric Christian Olsen's career is enviable. And he lives with extreme gratitude for the opportunities he's been given. But he also has a sense of humor about himself so when I asked him for some "No"s in his life, prior to our interview, he said, "Bro, just check my IMDb page. 95% of those jobs have been failures!" His adoption of Winston Churchill's quote, "The definition of Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm" is all over this chat. Our conversation includes...

Knowing a person's character by how they treat a waiter.

Using one's position and power for good, to help others.

How to refuse to be defined by your job.

How to assemble a team, multi-task and get more shit done than the average human.

How to make decisions from a place of Hope rather than Fear.

How to bounce back from disastrous results by placing more emphasis on your experience than the outcome.

The most valuable lesson you can teach your kids: How to "figure it out" when things go wrong.

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