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10,000 "No" s with Matthew Del Negro

Jul 27, 2018


Author Paige Davis just released her memoir about her journey through a breast cancer diagnosis, Here We Grow - Mindfulness Through Cancer and Beyond.  She's an entrepreneur who has kicked ass with her green company, Blue Avocado and also talks to me about Universal Winks, those times when we are given signs from the universe that we can choose to act upon or ignore.  It's this dichotomy that sets her apart, and allows her to teach meditation in a corporate setting to people who sometimes view what she does with skepticism.  A triple threat who is so easy to talk to, I think you're all going to love and learn from Paige Davis...


It takes a village (5:55).  Never consistent with wellness before (8:33).

What/why people connected with Paige's blog (10:14).  Body giving signs (12:02).  Paige's green company, Blue Avocado (12:52).  Fancy party while undergoing chemo, first time for self-love (15:52).  Self-love = deep connection (18:07).  Not "positive", present (18:49).  Choosing not to call it a "battle" or "fight" (21:09).  Oprah - spiritual guidance, turned Paige on to it at a young age (26:20).  "Universal winks", when the universe gives you a sign (31:00).  Meditation as daily practice (33:09).  Meditating at corporations, overcoming the cynics (40:54).  Mindful eating (44:10).

Top Takeaway:

"Daily practice" (consistency) is most important, and lack of judgment (on yourself - for doing it "wrong", and on others for "getting there" any way that works for them.... it's different for all of us).

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