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10,000 "No" s with Matthew Del Negro

Dec 3, 2018

In an effort to cut fat as I approach 2019, this will be the end of the short-lived Monday Morsels segment.  In this episode, I talk about making decisions and then course-correcting and admit that this experiment pulled too much focus and time from everything else we have going on.  For now, we will be sticking to the normal weekly conversations we've been doing. This Friday, December 7th, will be our last episode of 2018 as we take a pause to allow listeners to catch up on old episodes until we resume in early 2019.  To join our mailing list, go to and add your email to the opt-in window or email us at

Monday Morsels WAS the new weekly companion to the weekly Friday Interviews of 10,000 "No"s podcast where Matt riffs for a short time on topics and themes covered throughout the show to give listeners some thoughts to chew on as they begin their week.